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Sweet dreams

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by Billy Q

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RECLINING WOMAN - Marthe Donas (1915, 1917, 1920)

“I seek the sublime, trying to elevate myself above the material, while seeking the rhythm in the compositions, both in color, as well as line and plane. In my last paintings, I leave much room for the first intuition I feel. However, intuition seems to me insufficient to perfect a work. I try to dominate, to direct. We are material beings, but with a soul that tends to rise to infinity.”

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Stanley Kubrick’s personal copy of Stephen King’s novel, The Shining. This well-worn book, normally housed in the Stanley Kubrick Archive in London but currently on tour in a traveling exhibition, is filled with Kubrick’s notes and comments. Many passages are highlighted, and Kubrick has filled the margins with hand-written notes that run the gamut from notating passages that inspired him, to crossing out sections he found silly.

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creepy ass shit right here

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